March 4, 2011

Flaunt It Fridays

Hi my friends

    I am over the top super excited to share my news with you. I have been asked by the lovely and awesome Sandra at 365 days of cricut to be part of the Flaunt it Friday Design Team. All the ladies have been so super sweet and welcoming. I couldn't ask for such and amazing and talented group of ladies. They have stopped by and left so much blog love that I am extremly honored to be a part of it.

   I just want to take the time to Thanks Sandra and Janis for such an amazing opportunity!! Thank you!!! Thank you. I am so looking forward to creating with all of you!!!

Ok, so now to my very first project. We were asked to use the TWINKLE TOES cart. Well I don't have that one YET!!! (Tear) but, I will get my lil hands on it one day. So I started to play with cuts that reminded me of the cart. I used OUAP and PDDU!!

I am absolutely in love with this bookmark I made for my niece. She is in first grade and is reading. So i wanted to make her something that will remind her everyday that Tia (aunt) is always thinking of her!!

So take out your Twinkle Toes cart and join us over at Flaunt it Fridays and flaunt your stuff. I can't wait to see what you all created!!!




the cricutologist said...

She is going to love the bookmark! Good for you! It is so good you are encouraging her reading! I love bow on her hair and the glittery outfit!


Congrats ! That's awesome can't wait to see all your wonderful creations:)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hey girlie!!! Super excited for you!!
Woo Hoo!!!! You are so talented yourseld that you will fit right in:)Love your adorable bookmark and I'm sure your niece is going to LOVE it!! Congrats again!!!!

~Olga said...

Congrats and good luck! I'm excited for you :)
Your niece is going to love her book mark, it came out fab.!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Your bookmark is just adorable, and congratulations on your DT spot!!!

CricutLvr!! said...

Congratz girlie on joining the team! You did an amazing job! She is just adorable with the cute lit leotard and the bow on her head! Super cute!!

joeygirl86 said...

Congrats Girly! This tag is adorable!!

jen said...

Congrats!!! I love your bookmark...great job.

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