August 19, 2011

Fabric and My Cricut : My first experience

Happy Friday friends!!!!

   I hope everyone is having a fun filled Crafting day!!! I am! My friend Cindy is over for our weekly Friday crafting session. Whoo hoo!! Time to have some crafting fun! Before I leave you and  figure out what to make I wanted to share what I worked on yesterday.

   A friend of mine had mentioned that she was going to paint Mickey heads on t-shirts for a bday party.  While she was telling me, my little lightbulb turn on in my head and I thought "wait a minute! I could use my cricut to cut the fabric and do it for her!" So I told her that I could do it and she brought the t-shirts to me this past tuesday.

This is what my living room looked like while I was working on the shirts all day yesterday.


Here is what my masterpiece looks like!!! =)
I was very happy! My first time was a success!!! YAY

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Have you ever cut fabric before with your cricut? Leave a comment below telling me about your expierence or any tips and tricks you might have!!

If you like what you see become a follower and look forward to upcoming blog hops and fun giveaways!!

Here are some quick instrictions on what I did:
1. Iron on Steam A Seam 2 to fabric.
2. Use a SUPER DE DUPER sticky mat
3. Place fabric side on mat
4. Cut your image on flip mode
5. Use the deep cut blade setting at 6
6. Speed low
7. Pressure high

Hope this is helpful!! If you decide to give it a try, let me know I'd love to see what you've created!!

Have a fantabulous day!!




joeygirl86 said...

that came out cute! I never had good experiences with cutting fabric so i gave up on it..I would love to know the cut settings and all that good stuff! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

I tried and tried cutting material -- GAVE UP!!!

Your shirt turned out really cute!!!

Vivi Martínez said...

Monica, your shirt came up GREAT!
I have not cut fabric with my cricut... I've been so coward to try it. But I have a nice idea for a project that I want to make to my sister using Country Life cartridge... Just wainting for extra courage to get into fabrics world.
Thanks for the tips!!!

Glenda said...

Your shirt looks great! I have not tried fabric but have been wanting to. Thanks for your tips--I may give it a try soon!

teachU14 said...

This looks wonderful!!! I've never tried cutting material (a little intimidated)... But you did a fabulous job :)

Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut said...

Hey girl this is so cute!!! You should make one of these for yourself to wear at the Happiest Place on Earth!!! I've only cut fabric once in my Cricut and I actually cut the same Mickey head for my Halloween costume! I need to experiment more lol!

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