August 6, 2011

Princess Theme Blog Hop

Good morning my fellow crafters!!

  Welcome to my blog, I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!!! I am so super excited for this blog hop. Sylvia at bellascrapbookdesigns is hosting this fun blog hop dedicated to all the princesses out there!! Thank you so much Sylvia for asking me to participate in this hop with you alongside so many talented crafters!

   For this hop I decided to make my niece a banner for her new room. Just this week she mentioned she likes skulls?!! Yes my 6 year old princess pink loving niece loves skulls. So skulls is what she got.  You might be thinking SKULLS??? I thought this was a princess theme hop??? Yes, you are right!! The carts I used for this hop was ROCK PRINCESS, ONCE UPON A PRINCESS, and ALPHALICIOUS!! Rock Princess is where the skulls came from. =)

   Oh, I forgot to add my niece tells me that her name ALYSA means princess. So I thought this was exceptionaly perfect for this hop!

If you came from Amber's blog then you are on track! =)

Hope you enjoy my project and this hop!!! Here it goes.....

So??? What do you think. This is my 2nd attempt to banner making. I tried to incorporate everything she likes. This banner looks really nice in person! I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment letting me know if you liked it or is there anything I should add to it. I thought it was missing something, but that's just me.

You are now off to LIZ

                    Here is the line up in case you get lost:

Sherrie -
Sandy S.
Monica- <------That's ME!
Liz- <-----Next Stop

Thanks so much for stopping by!!



Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut said...

This is so cute!! This is one of my favorite skulls!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! The bows on the skulls are awesome! Love ya amiga!<3

Cathy said...

I think your banner is great, my favorite color and you have the name there, what more is there:)
mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

Vicki said...

Cute banner. Thanks for sharing.

Sherrie K. said...

Great job on the banner Monica! Your little niece is going to love it:) The colors are great too! TFS! Its been fun being in the hop with you:)
Sherrie K
jskoning at msn dot com

Sandy S. said...

Absolutely love your banner. My god daughter would love this since she is big into the skull look. TFS! It's been great participating in the hop with you!

Happy Crafting!

Creative Diva said...

You did an incredible job with the banner. I love it. Great colors. Glad to be on the hop with you.

creativediva98 at gmail dot com

lmkindell1 said...

Wow this is so cute what young lady would not like this in her room. Love the look.
[email protected]

Judy said...

I don't see any possible thing to make this banner any better! It is perfect! TFS and I am a follower...
jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

Bunnyfreak said...

Love the glitter.

Pixichick said...

I LOVE the skulls!

scrappinC said...

Love the banner. The colors are wonderful and I am sure your niece will be super happy.
Cindy Lou
endurapuppy at yahoo dot com

Yvonne said...

Very nice I Love the banner, skulls and all! Great job [email protected]

Ms. Scrappy2U! said...

Your banner is super cute. TFS!

Bella Scrapbook Designs said...

I love your banner. Alyssa is going to love it too! Thanks for joining me in the hop

Peggie said...

You did a super job and certainly fulfilled a girl's wishes.

thekolbes said...

I LOVE it and bet she does too.
krazykcrafters at msn dot com

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