October 30, 2011

Hi my Crafty Friends!!

   I can't believe there's just one day left in October!!! Yikes. It feels nothing like October to me, The weather here is still Mid Summer weather!! I keep feeling its August!!!! I hope it starts to change soon.

Today I have an award to share from Jessica over at Chick-n-Scrap. Thanks so much Jessica you are so sweet!!!

There are 3 rules to follow with this Award

1.) Thank the person who awarded you.
2.) Tell 7 things about yourself that your readers that they may not know.
3.) Award 7 other bloggers this award.

7 things about myself:

1. The most simplest things excite me!
2. I love the color blue!
3. My facoriye time of year is Halloween!
4. I LOVE Karaoke!
5. I Love to dance to Just Dance 2 on the wii!
6. My friends are MY family!
7. I love to bring laughter and happiness where ever I may be!

I want to break the rules and add another one! =)
 I just became an SVG addict a month ago!!!!

I am passing this award onto:
Elsa- Cricut Lvr!
Norma-Pink Bling Crafter
Carley- The Real iCarley
Suzy- Scrap with Suzy
Cher- Cher's Studio
Sandra- 365 Days of Cricut
Audrey- Cute and Some

Thanks Ladies for all your inspiration and to Jessica for passing this award on to me :)


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