December 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: DAY 9

Good Morning my crafty friends!

Welcome to Day 9 of our 12 day of Christmas hosted by the wonderful Sylvia at Bellas Scrapbook Designs.

If you have arrived from the awesomest Ester you are in the right spot!

Today I have another tutorial for you!! So sit back and enjoy Episode 10! You are in for a treat! I did something different today. I would really appreciate any feedback on your thoughts of the video! 

 Today's tutorial is simple and quick!! Hope you like it! Enjoy....

Sooo, whatcha think?? 

 Thank you so much for stopping by, I'll be back tomorrow with another tutorial! And a SURPRISE!!! Have an AMAZING FUN FILLED DAY!

Your next stop is Anita




Anonymous said...

cute little bag... Love it... I love your video.....I so need to get one of those crimpers.

Ladybug said...

Oh, Monica, I really enjoyed your video. It had me GMBO! You're quite the character!! :-o
However, I missed hearing your sweet voice. It was "six of one, a half dozen of the other" whether I like it with or without you talking. That IS what you were asking us, right? (the fact that it was different??) Or am I just waaay off track, here. LOL

Anyway, I enjoy your videos regardless! Your project was super cute! TFS! :-)

meredemaison said...

Well, there was no Cricutting involved, so I don't think you should be posting it on this blog!

But, seriously, this is such a CUTE idea and obviously super fast! I especially love how you crimped the edges - so perfect! Thanks so much for sharing and your comments on the video had me ROFL!!! rgauss at sbcglobal dot net.

Creative Diva said...

What a great idea. I would have never thought of this. Fabulous job Monica.

creativediva98 at gmail dot com

lindaplus3 said...

such a cute idea,,, need to remember that

kimberly said...

oh my goodness... way to cute. I have a twelve year old watching with me and he said that it was and i quote "super cool"!!!

tfs - leokc34 at gmail dot com

jessica said...

This is adorable Monica! I love your video...I aways get so excited when you post another one :)
Awesome job my friend :)
[email protected] said...

Cool idea indeed...never created one...don't have a crimper...

Victoria said...

Very cute bag! TFS
wishing you well
[email protected]

Sherrie K. said...

Monica, these are adorable!! I LOVE this idea and it looks like you could mass produce these pretty fast...awesome! TFS!
Sherrie K

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Lol I so love this video and what a great idea. I don’t know how I got so behind on leaving you a comment sorry I get back to it. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy S. said...

Super cute...... santa is darling! :)

Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut said...

This came out so adorable! I was LMAO when I saw you and your pop dot, I do that ALL the time lol!! Hey you can make me one with a $100 bill inside haha!!

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